Tuesday, May 23, 2017

FREE Guidance??

      What's the catch?     What are the Strings?
There are no strings!

After 23 years practice and learning in the energy healing/metaphysic world, it’s my turn to “Pay Back the Universe."

Thinking back the thing that would have been of most value to me would have been direction from some-one who had “been there”and “done that” – some one that was “street savvy” and could walk me through the maze of information out there in a manner as easy to my time and pocket book as possible 

I offer you a 10 minute free consult followed by an one page email with a suggested  plan of action for you follow to meet your goals in a way that is most cost & time effective for you.
You will have clarity & focus as well as be headed in the right direction for you.

You will have my experience in the industry behind you.  You will not have to hit the pot holes I hit.  I will provide you with information on paid & unpaid classes as well as wholesalers for gemstones and other things you may need for your journey as well.   Freebies abound & I will sort them out and give you a list of current freebies that apply to you.
I will sort through the mountains of information out there and give you specific classes (free & paid) in the specific order they should be taken in.

Live or distant learning-whatever suits you best.

I am so invested in you getting on the right track that I will send you FREE the 12 minute Chakra quickie video class from the "Show Me" series.  Just shoot me an email Connie with "chakra freebie" in the subject line to begin (or further) your journey.

You’ve got nothing to lose & everything to gain.  Give me a buzz!

Connie trained and practiced in Canada as registered nurse.
She has since hung up her cap & immersed herself in the study and practice of alternative health.
She has lectured extensively though out Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky & Tennessee on the chakra system and related topics.
Her certifications include, but are not limited to:
Certified Quantum Touch Instructor (ret)
Certified Chios Master Teacher
Certified Power Reiki Master Teacher
Marconics Practitioner
Accessing Consciousness  Facilitator
She is currently the Instruction Coordinator at Reiki Awakening Academy where she also teaches on line classes related to metaphysics and energy healing.
She has her own healing, metaphysic and mentoring practice (AmidAngels) out of Columbus Ohio.